For quite a long time, I have been deploring that the editors of scientific papers are denying publication of my work. I am not going to pretend that, deep in my heart, I do not know why. The reason why is very simply: I write about issues that are bordering the edge of human knowledge, and that represents much power, and much money, and some may consider this to be inconvenient... Furthermore, my work has repeatedly involved sensitive knowledge.

One of my papers is about the upgrading of missiles. Control systems used to be my favorites at college. Air-to-air missiles move at approximately the same speed as their target fighter, but the small quantity of fuel they carry limits their action range. Any improvement of the control system may imply a hit, that is avoid useless loss of a high-cost missile, and make the enemy lose a fighter that costs even much more. If published, this article might be considered classified matter.

In an other article, I have written about codification based on the knowledge of thermodynamics (entropia) and the Theory of Numbers, which makes it possible to create a code that is un-crackable, even by entangled quantum computers.

The one who publishes may be punished.

Nobody will publish if the one who publishes may be punished.

What a dilemma.

So, I can only write unenthused, uninteresting and obviously useless article, for otherwise someone might protest!

I have tried to enrich Wikipedia with words that would immediately give uninformed readers an idea of what it is about. Let us go to a concrete example: Belight. This word was removed from Wikipedia under the allegation that it has to do with “personal theory, apparently not ever published in any respectable scientific article whatsoever”.
On the other hand, detailed description of fanciful kryptonite, the mysterious material that weakens Superman, is available in fourteen languages!

I am not quite sure about anything that is on my website. As a matter of fact, no man of science is certain of the veracity of any law of physics whatsoever. Sooner or later he will be disaffirmed and a new concept will replace his. And that is how physics go.

Just to understand that I am not an amateur, read my biography on this website, check on my academic background. You will come to the conclusion that I am a man devoted to research.

So, what is missing?

What is missing is some academic connection, a university or research centre endorsing what I am writing.

Whatever things may, I would like to spice it up somewhat.

First, some confidence: When I graduated in mechanical engineering in 1970, I was invited to participate in a project dealing with nuclear physics. Personal reasons kept me from participating.
In 1967, I lost my fiancée in a love tragedy. If she had not died, I might have joined the Air Force, and Brazil would probably have made a huge leap forward in the field of nuclear physics. In those days, I was able to build a simple A-bomb using uranium. My military colleagues with whom I lived day and night for five years knew my fondness. I have told a few friends what I am writing here. They would not believe me. I shut up, as I ought to. During the Collor administration, the ambitions of the Brazilian Air Force with respect to the atomic bomb became known worldwide when the president himself selected a pit in Serra do Cachimbo for atomic bomb testing. They knew very well what they were doing when they invited me, for I happened to be the best designer of the team, and keen on Modern Physics.

During my last college year, I attended a training course at GM. I did a marvelous job there, and I wanted to use electronic devices to control the engines of Chevrolet cars. And their answer was that not ever a mechanical engine would be controlled by electronic devices. The next year, when I had quit GM and was a partner of a small company called Cibetron, , my co-workers and I developed an electronic device using a capacitor discharge ignition system in car engines. That was the beginning of the end of contact points. Quite a victory for me: My thesis was correct. Our little company was not a success, but nowadays all car engines are controlled high-tech electronic devices.

I was absolutely right!

During the last forty years, nobody can work independently with modern physics. Atomic bombs developed but little during this period and were kept strictly confidential. One was supposed not to exchange information and those dedicated to modern physics were more isolated than I was, for I had at least the liberty to live and raise my children.

I am not complaining, and I shall not ever complain.

Yet, I have been through forty years of solitary studies...

The economic importance of belight is unimaginable.

The laser beam is used to codify information stored on CDs and DVDs, in high-precision measuring devices that can measure the distance between Earth and Moon with incredible accuracy, in the Inertial Systems used in commercial and military airplanes, in temperature survey devices designed to operate under extremely low temperatures, close to zero degree Kelvin, in Nuclear Physics...

Belight may be an even more precious and powerful tool.
It makes me shiver just to think of it. Transmission of thoughts does not take place by means of common electromagnetic waves: Why not belight? A Belight detector may make our present polygraph-type lie-detectors look like toys. The transmission of thought from one human being to an other has been scientifically proven and is used even by the military.

I do not want any copyright on Belight for myself, nor for my family. It is too immense. I offered the copyright to the Swedish Crown and never received an answer.
If a great institution will not assume this right, like the Royal Family of a serious country, for example, a country where part of the revenue collected would certainly be used to promote Science, I shall not co-operate anymore. Someone else will have to develop Belight technology. Some day, I am sure, someone will develop it. Belight will allow Man to study antimatter. The explosion of an antimatter bomb will be so powerful that the whole Planet Earth will quake. Consequences are entirely unpredictable and may include a change of rotation and a change of the position of the axis of rotation and translation. Absolutely frightening... I am not afraid of making mistakes. There will no doubt be mistakes in my writings. This is a good omen. For those who know the history of Modern Physics, it is a sequence of errors and hits. Never have men of science made so many mistakes, but such mistakes have always led to the right path. While he was still working in Italy, the proper Enrico Fermi came near results which he himself would understand only years later, through articles written by others...

What most frighten me are my hits.

What also frightens me is the lack of physicists as a consequence of a knowledge policy that fosters sanctuaries and secrets.

Surprisingly enough, it is precisely here that we encounter the first results. There is an unexpectedly large number of young people who intend to dedicate themselves to theoretical physics. That has not occurred for a long time. I look upon them with much fondness, and I know that, in some way, they have been influenced by my work. At least a sign that my surveys have yielded some result.

Let me address them.

My dear young friends, Physics is a very demanding friend. I do not promise you wealth or fame. Physics, however, may impart upon you what, since time immemorial, has been Mankind´s most coveted laurel: Immortality. When nobody will remember anymore when the New World was discovered and when nobody will know anymore why the American Continent has been given that name, many will not have forgotten the names of those who pioneered the discoveries of Cosmos. I do not promise fame during your lifetime, for all greatness rises from seclusion and humility. It has to come from the manger.
We shall soon find out that Cosmos is Ethics. We shall soon discover the importance of humility, truth and simplicity; the enemies of arrogance, prepotency and greediness. Knowledge doesn’t do any better than anything else. You have as many rights as the embryo that is being sacrificed in the scope of trunk cell studies. In Cosmos, we are all brothers; there is no present, no past, and no future. Everything is known; there is no room left for lies. All is mere beauty; there is no room left for disorder, for conflicts and for ugliness. The coming years will be absolutely decisive for the History of Mankind. We are in the middle of History...

Figure it out. Compare the Earth to an egg. The Earth’s crust is thinner than the eggshell.

Now, what is inside the Earth? Fire!

Energy, which, give the high level of technology available to mankind, might have been harnessed a long time ago.

A while ago, Brazil approved the construction of the Angra III nuclear power plant. If Brazil had physicists who are really prepared to open their eyes sufficiently to visualize the nuclear waste involved and about which no Brazilian Authority whatsoever has ever been conveniently informed, Angra III would never have been approved. Just to mention only one of the residues, what shall we do with plutonium, the element that does not exist in nature, which we do not know how to get rid of and the only proven avail of which is the construction of nuclear fission bombs? Those physicians who had good knowledge of the issue are retired or have died. The younger ones know little about it. Strictly speaking, there is no need for nuclear reactors as we know them.

To those who doubt my words and think my writings are fantastic, I recommend to send my work to some film-makers, for as the Italians say "se non è vero è bene trovato".